How negative car ionizer can help you out in tackling coronavirus.

The life-threatening Covid-19 virus floats in the very air that we breathe. Therefore, it is necessary to sanitize our day-to-day used clothes and other essentials and purify the air inside the house and the car. However, a car is a way smaller enclosed space than a home. The compulsion of closing the windows to restrict the entry of the external contaminated air makes respiration harder. Most car owners use their cars daily to go to work or rent it for commercial purposes, increasing the chances of contact with the virus-infected air. Hence, these reasons are valid enough to segregate the home air purifier from car purifiers.

A car purifier should be a portable one like Fashion Car Oxygen Negative Car Ionizer. They have a few more exclusive features that mark their uniqueness. They are listed below –

  • It can dismiss numerous negative ions from the air.

  • It consumes less powerand works efficiently for a longer duration.
  • It is the best choice for asthma patientsand people who have dust allergies.
  • It makes the air dust-free as well as smoke-free.

  • It has an innate ‘negative ion generator’that fulfills the daily requirement.
  • It forms a protective layer against the 'yellow dust,' i.e., a fusion of dust particles and odor. It also eliminates strong food odor from the car's ambiance.
  • The 'negative ion generator' readily absorbs the formaldehyde present in the air and helps resolve any issue that hinders the steady flow of air inside the car.
  • It rigorously keeps purifying the air and escorts even ‘2.5 air pollutants’ from the car.
  • It has 'zero ozone' and 'no radiation,' which makes it a 'safer and healthier' companion of the car and the vehicle's passengers.
  • It is also acceptable for aromatherapy methods to fill the air with the desired scent and lighten the mood.
  • It is convenient to use.
  • It has a warm ‘night light’ designed on its body surface.
  • It has a modern and sophisticated outlook.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • It comes in a classy white color that can suit any type of car interior.


Thus, the product should be included within the list of essentials of people who travel to work every day in their cars. Especially office-goers, who have to undertake long-distance journeys to reach their workplace, should purchase this product for a comfortable trip. To ensure full protection, many people take safety precautions and try keeping their masks on while driving. But for people who have to wear glasses, this safety precaution becomes troublesome. Therefore, to free oneself from this constant fear of getting infected by the virus without a mask, one should buy this item and drive with a peaceful mind.