Humidifier with Led Light Lamp - White / Pink / Green

Color: Pink

• New Portable Personal Humidifier with Led Light Lamp... Excellent for Sinus and Respiratory Track, can be use in the car, home and office, compact Stylish design easy to carry, our humidifier, killing Virus and Bacterias, regulate humidity, Catch pollen from the air, Dust and other harmful particles, low power consumption and high energy efficiency. Stylish design that match with any good taste...Be Safe Be Fashion

• Ideal option for Asthmatic and Allergic persons

• Purification Protect you from yellow dust, es, fine dust and odor in daily life.  improving mood and sleep.

• 【USB charging】USB charging, long life, can be charged at any time. Zero ozone, no radiation, safer and healthier.

• easy and convenient to carry.

• 【Suitable】Can be used in your car, home and office.