Fashion Ion Personal Oxigen Purification 3D White

Color: White

• Portable mini air purifier, can be hang around the neck, easy to carry, our purifier can release up to 20 million negative ions, killing more than 99% of the smoke, pollen from the air, Dust and other harmful particles, low power consumption and high energy efficiency.

• Ideal option for Asthmatic and Allergic persons

• 【Purification】Built-in negative ion generator, release 20 million negative ions, purification fully meets daily requirements. Protect you from yellow dust, es, fine dust and odor in daily life. The negative ion generator can effectively absorb formaldehyde, solve the air quality problems around you, eliminate second-hand smoke and purify the surrounding air. Eliminates most pollen, odors, smoke, cooking odors and even PM 2.5 air pollutants, improving mood and sleep.

• 【USB charging】USB charging, long life, can be charged at any time. Zero ozone, no radiation, safer and healthier.

• 【Hang neck design】Can be hung on neck, easy and convenient to carry.

• 【Suitable】Can be used in daily life, subway, public transportation and tourist attractions. Solve air quality and second-hand smoke issues.