Benefits of ionic masks and how is it better than the normal masks.

There are basically two types of ions present in the environment- the negatively charged anions and the positively charged cations. The negatively charged ions are also called electrons, and they are the odorless and invisible particles present in the environment. Have you ever felt a pleasurable sensation near a waterfall or in between the forests? The electrons are the particles present in the air which are responsible for such sensations. A person can feel the incomparable sensation in the same way he feels positively charged ions in a polluted space accompanied by an unbearable odor. A person's mood and health can be influenced to a greater level depending on the nature of the ions he takes in while breathing. The negatively charged ions promote a good mood and a healthy mind.

Since people cannot always be in an open space and near nature, science has taken a step forward and has come up with the idea of bringing the benefits of nature to us even if we work in a cluttered or crowded room. They have come with the ionic masks that shall provide the same advantages as the electrons taken in a while breathing in an open space. Therefore, the main benefits of ionic masks are:

  • People who suffer from joint pains, sleep disturbances, asthmatic problems, and hypertension have experienced a symptomatic improvement and have reported significant relief from their problems.
  • The negative ions present in the ionic mask facilitate hydration, biological regeneration, oxygenation, and detoxification of the entire body. It promotes the overall well-being of a person physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • It has been reported that the ionic masks stimulate sexual activity among people and thus prevents infertility among couples and is beneficial to the nervous, digestive, and immune system as well.
  • The ionic masks are a boon for people suffering from anxiety, stress, or depression. People have felt better after the consistent use of ionic masks, and they also feel it causes less irritability.

Advantages of using ionic masks over the normal mask

  • Ionic masks do not cause odors, and their fabrics are of high quality that does not lose its color or fade away like the normal masks do after they are washed.
  • The ionic masks are self-sanitizing, unlike the normal face masks that have to be washed now and then. They keep themselves clean as they help you keep yourselves clean.
  • The ionic masks are odor-resistant, unlike the normal cloth face masks or surgical masks. That is why they do not promote the growth of any bacteria on their fabric.
  • Harmful microorganisms like viruses and bacteria find a breeding ground for themselves on soft surfaces like fabric masks. But this doesn't happen with the ionic masks as they prevent cross-contamination.

The need and use of masks have increased than ever with the coronavirus situation. Ionic masks indeed provide better protection than the normal ones, but there is no way that you do not take the normal precautions and avoid cleaning the masks yourselves. There is no evidence that ionic masks can prevent the spread of the deadly virus; they provide you with better protection.