Coronavirus Puts UV LED purification on the Disinfectant stage.

The current pandemic has distilled a sense of germaphobia (which means a phobia of germs) in people's minds. And with this phobia came the inclusion of tiresome and hectic sanitizing sessions into daily schedules. From washing and cleaning tangible objects to sanitizing hands and even installing air purifiers, people have tried every possible way to maintain distance from the Covid-19 virus. With a rise in the case of asymptomatic covid positive patients, people have become alert. This alertness has added to their anxiety of maintaining social distancing and keeping the surroundings clean. Situations worsened to the degree where states had to implement nation-wide lockdown for the safety and security of the citizens. But the economic loss incurred due to this lockdown was too heavy a burden to be carried out by the government alone. Therefore, the government permitted the re-opening of businesses, which compelled people to step out of the house to secure their jobs amidst a global pandemic.

Consequently, it has made sanitization far more challenging. Hence came technology as a blessing during this crisis. With various high-tech products being introduced in the market, sanitization has become more comfortable and less arduous. One such product is UCV LED Purification Rod.

The UCV LED Purification Rod is a tangible rod that sanitizes products by reflecting its LED light on the object. Mentioned below are some features about this product –

  • It is portable and foldable, which makes it convenient to carry.

  • It is suitable both for the house and the workplace.


  • It requires recharge for efficient usage, similar to mobile phones and laptops.
  • It comes with a 'child-lock,' which prevents it from being mishandled by any kid in the house.
  • It also comes with an automatic 'turn-off,' i.e., when the rod is flipped upwards instead of its rays being cast downwards on the object, it switches off by itself.
  • It eradicates the bacterias and viruses from any object, be it washable or non-washable.
  • It is also suitable for groceries that we purchase outdoors.
  • It has a 'gravity sensor.'
  • It provides '99.99 % disinfection.'
  • They also come with a portable pouch.
  • The battery life is pretty long-lasting.
  • It is also ‘perfect for bank transaction sterilization.'


This rod is a compulsory possession if there are kids in the house, especially newborns who require extra care and attention. If there is an older adult in the house, this gadget accordingly is a necessity. Since the World Health Organization has declared that kids and aged people are prone to get infected by the virus, it is better to maintain extra protection by purchasing this product.

Thus, this product shall be the best choice if one wants to ensure full protection of the house's inmates from the outside virus. Also, people who have to go to work and come back home carrying all the exterior germs should surely buy one to make sure no germs are transmitted from their side.