Five Reasons why everyone should have a tunic in their wardrobe

The altitude of a place affects the climate and determines the type of clothing residents or tourists can wear. For example, hilly areas require warm clothes, lowlands require clothes that keep you cool, and the coastal regions need revealing clothes, especially the sheer and loose fit ones that protect the skin from the scorching sunlight as well as let the cool breeze of the sea brush through one's body. However, few extra essentials wore along with the clothes that are climate flexible, and a tunic is one of them. Thus, listed below are seven reasons why everyone should have a tunic in their wardrobe.

  • They can be modified – Tunics are a loose sheet of garments that can be customized in ways one desires to do. As a kaftan tunic to be worn as a top or as a tunic tie with dresses or denim, they are very flexible and modified according to necessity. They can also be changed into a thin sized overcoat to add an extra layer of the garment to the body.

  • They are fit for all body types – Their loose fit nature makes them body flexible. Anybody size, be it size extra small or size triple extra-large, is a compatible partner for tunics. Thus, they help build confidence by propagating body positivity that is lacking in many people.
  • They are gender and age-neutral – Both men and women, elderly and young, can wear tunics following their attire color. The right type of styling is suitable to give the tunic a go, devoid of age and gender.
  • They are flexible for all types of locations – A woolen tunic can be worn as a tie, shawl, and top to keep the upper body warm in colder climates. Simultaneously, a chiffon kaftan tunic or a sheer kaftan tunic can be worn in a coastal or arid region.


  • They are cheap and enhance the look by acting as an accessory for the attire – Tunics aren't expensive, and even good quality or branded tunics come within an affordable range. They act as an accessory and make the attire more prominent to the eyes. They can also be gifted to people since their accessory-like feature can be used in versatile ways. They mostly come in eccentric color combinations and design enough to give a bold and colorful look to a regular piece of attire.

Apart from these five fundamental reasons, tunic also has other benefits, i.e., they are easy to carry, feel light-weight on the body, and offer both comfort and protection. Therefore, be it a thick woolen tunic or a thin chiffon tunic turned into kaftan chiffon, tunics with their wide range of materials and adaptable and flexible nature is a must-have in every wardrobe.